About Us

Fuckbook is a unique adult dating and social networking hybrid site that makes it easy for you to find what you want, when you want it. We created the site because the other services out there didn't provide a simple and efficient system for people to meet others in their area the right way, with little headache and hassle.

The other sites were complicated and hard to use, and they just didn't have enough members all in one place for people to find one another. Why should you have to sign up for 10 different sites to view all the people in your area, when you should be able to find them all at just one site?

We want to change how adult dating works, and we want to make it simple for you to find exactly what you're looking for. We offer a unique way to connect and share with like-minded people. We're the largest site of its kind currently online.

How the site works is easy. First, you create your profile describing what you're looking for. Your profile can be long or short - that's up to you. Then, you either browse or search through our massive database of members to see if anyone interests you. If someone does interest you, you can chat to them either through a private message or a real time instant messanger, send them virtual gifts, share specific and private photos with them, or reach out to them a number of other ways. You have your own friends list you can add people to, your own blog section, and as many photo albums as you want. You can comment on others photos and blogs and network with people just like you can on other popular social networking sites. It's up to you - you can use the site like a more conventional adult dating site, or you can use it like a social networking site.

Thousands of people all across the world sign up every day. We are committed to constantly upgrading the site and offering more and more innovative features over time, so when you join, you join a constantly growing community and a constantly evolving service.

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